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 Seion Akuma

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PostSubject: Seion Akuma   Fri Sep 30, 2011 6:21 am

Name: Seion Akuma (Serenity Angel)

Age: 19

Birthday: December 19th

Gender: Female

Species: Half Vampire Half Human

Height: _____

Weight: 47kgs


Personality: Seion is kind at heart despite being part vampire. She belives in second chances and will be kind to you if you return the favour. She is a quiet girl who is very observent, Seion has a great memory and never forgets a face. If you gain her trust you can count on her for anything but if you break it you dont want to be around when that happens. Seion is an intellegant girl who loves to read, if not fighting, traveling or running from something she can always be seen with her nose in a book. She is keen to learn and will be pationt until she has mastered it. Seion's willpower matches no other and she is determined to never give up. She would happily die to keep the ones she cares for safe from harm.

Occupation: Rouge Princess

History: Seion was born to a vampire father and a human mother, her father was an evil, Tyrant king who ruled a vast empire and so Seion was born a princess. Her brother on the other hand was born to a human on both sides when her mother was raped by an assasin sent to murder the king. (her father)

The baby was born soon after, a heathly baby boy. When her father found out that the baby wasn't his he flew into a rage and brutally beat and murdered her mother, he forced Seion to watch his brutality (Seion was four at the time) He was about to murder her newborn baby brother but Seion refused to let that happen and protected the boy, Her father then beat Seion for protcting such a vile, useless child, then threw her into her room half dead. A servant of her father whom Seion was good friends with tended to her wounds and healed her.

Ever since, Seion had cared for her brother and taken regular beatings from her father in place of her brother, but when her brother had turned six (seion was ten) Seion's father had tried to kill Seion but before he had she had ran away, she tried to take her brother with her but Seion and the king had come to an agreement, she would leave the child here and he wouldn't kill him, she had no choice but to agree because he was still trying to kill her like he had with her mother. Seion ran and vowed to come back and kill her father to rescue her Brother.

For the next nine years Seion had traveled the world picking up information and and skills and fighting abilites she could, at one point she trained under a swordman named Karogane Charame and he taught her swords skills for two years until she was better then him and decided to depart. They had grown very close in that time and Karogane considered Seion the daughter he never had. Before she left Karogane had given her his sword (in weapons) as a parting gift and now she travels the word picking up skills along the way...

Sensou Akuma - Her father (alive)
Keiken Akuma - Her younger brother (alive)
Shinsei Akuma - Her mother (deceased)

*Her Seika sword (Sacred Fire) -more in Weapons-
*also the other sword in her picture
*her wrists have sheilds on them and her cloak is fire resistant

*Seion has increased speed and strength (vampire abilites)
*She can also teleport, but depending on the distance it can physically drain her strength temporarily and make her tired.

*Being a vampire alows her senses to be more atuned then a normal humans (sight, hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell)

*The drawbacks of being part vampire is animals seem to shy away from her, they are wary of her beause they smell vampire in her blood.

Goals: To slay her father and finally free her younger brother

Flowers, Kindness, Rainbows, The night, Her brother, reading, quiet, solitude, Karogane Charame

Her Father, People who are mean, rude and obnoxious, Spicy food, foods that are too sweet (such as candy)

Other notes: ____

If I'm going to hell I might as well bring a few enemies along for the ride
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PostSubject: Re: Seion Akuma   Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:45 am

approved~ yayz
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Seion Akuma
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