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 Rika B Omen

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Rika B Omen

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PostSubject: Rika B Omen   Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:24 am

Name: Rika B Omen (or Doctor 13)

Age: 20

Birthday: April 13th

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Height: 5ft 10inches

Weight: 127lbs

Appearance: Rika has reddish-brown hair and big blue-green eyes. Her hair is cut so that the back is cut short (and spikes up a bit) but the front is long and is parted mostly to the left. She wears a long sleeved green shirt with black trim around the square-neck opening and the bottom, the sleeves are stripped (white and black) up to the shoulders. Rika also wears tan shorts and black forest boots. She's fit for her age, lean and slim, but has a scar on the back of her hand from when she 1st came to her world.

Personality: Rika is friendly but hot-tempered. She snaps at people who insult her but sometimes misunderstands people. She likes to tell stories to people she mets, most are made-up on the spot. Rika is very cauious and curious when she is wandering around, always keeping ying and yang (her daggers) hidden up her sleeve. Rika, though, prefers not to fight, she will 1st try to escape if possible. If that fails, then she will fight but not with her gift unless nessacary.

Occupation: Story-teller/traveler/medic

History: Rika was an author in a different world till one night, while day dreaming, she ended up in her world. After finding out where she was, in the world she had created, Rika is now wondering if she should try to go back to her own world or stay in the one she created. Now Rika travels around to see her world in realife, looking for something that might make her stay...and a way back home as well.
(There isn't much to her history since she is from our world)

Relations: N/A

Weapons: Ying and Yang (twin daggers)

Powers: To contorl fire and ice

Strengths: Knowns medicne and is numble when fighting

Weaknesses: Can't see out of her left eye (that is why her hair is parted more to the left) and becomes sick easily

Goals: To find a way back home

Likes: Sweet tea, music, festivals, stories

Dislikes: Spicy food, rude people, fighting

Other notes: Since Rika is from another world, her body isn't use to the plants, animals, and ceatures from her world. She has yet to build up her immunity to her world and so can become sick easily...why do you think she learned medience :3
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PostSubject: Re: Rika B Omen   Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:32 am

Approved :3

If I'm going to hell I might as well bring a few enemies along for the ride
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Rika B Omen
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