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 Welcome to our imaginations

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Rika B Omen

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PostSubject: Welcome to our imaginations   Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:51 am

Hello and welcome, I am Rika (some call me Bri) and this is an all origanal forum where your imagination can be the thing that brings you up or pulls you down...hopefully it is tha good one...

Anyways, there is a slight storyline to the forum though but nothing that you really have to follow. It is suppose to have a deeper meaning, like there is more to the world then what we see of it.

Here it is:

Rika B Omen is a young author trying to making in a big world...but nothing is really working out. No one is buying her books, she is going to lose her appartment, and she has the worst case of writers block ever. Rika was about to lose so much...that one night she started to think hard about what it would be like to live within her story, if it would be easier then living in the real world. As she letted her mind drift, something extrodanary happened...

She was beinging to enter her own world...

Weather the world changed into her story world or that she had entered another world, basically she was no longer in the realm world (our world)...and that is where our new story begins.

Now like I said, this doesn't have to be followed but it is used for a deeper meaning that there is more to our world then what we see. But this isn't a "oh we can do ANYTHING we want" kinda of fourm.

Don't mean to be a drag but there is no hovercrafts here! Like far off into the furture. It's like a mixture of old world with kingdoms, dragons, and what not...with some new world stuff like plumming (mmm nice hot showers), lightning, simple stuff like that. It's fantasy, not si-fi

You can be a fairy, a vampire, a werewolf and so many other mythical...people...things...idk what they would be called, sounds insulting if I would call them creatures...anyways.

I hope you guys get the basic jest of what I am trying to say...if not then pm me.
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Welcome to our imaginations
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