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 Asta (apparently this must be longer)

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PostSubject: Asta (apparently this must be longer)   Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:20 pm

Name: Asta.

Age: 21

Birthday: 13 October



Height: 5, 6

Weight: 8st 8


Personality: Asta is quite a lively spirit, willing to try new things at every opportunity she gets. Despite her piratey ways, she is kind and only steals when she feels it is ok (from people who "deserve" to be stolen from) most often gangs(non-pirate, of course) and those who steal from the innocent public.She uses her looks and charm as decoys in her crews little ventures, and finds every moment at sea and 'work' exhilerating. She is very keen to learn new skills, and will help anyone she feels deserves it.

Occupation: Pirate

History: Asta was born part of a quite normal family, nothing being particularly different about them. They lived ordinary lives, and her parents had normal jobs.
Asta was born Hana Kochi, and was raised by her family polite and happy. But as she got older, she wanted a sense of adventure in her life. She made friends in school, and they would tell her stories of their parents doing adventurous things, or being of a completely different species. She hated them for it. She wanted to see the world, to travel and do exciting things. But no. Her father was a carpenter, and her mother a cook at a local cafe. When she hit 13, she began to get antsy in her life, she began daydreaming a lot, and awaited the day that she could move out from her family and go on adventures. She loved her family very much, and they promised her that one day they would make these things come true for her. They were always quite well off, and could afford the usual luxuries you could want in life, and with Hana being an only child she got almost everything she wanted. But one day when she was 15, a local gang attacked the town she lived in, raiding their house and taking almost everything they owned. They attacked the house, setting it on fire and attacked her parents, breaking her dads arms and fingers, and leaving her mother traumatised. In the terrible circumstances, Hana had ran from her family home, trying to find help, and fell upon what seemed to be a kindly middle aged man. This man was in fact a pirate. He had no part in the raid on the village, but saw an opportunity to enterprise. He had been looting things in the madness, but he did not think it fit to attack women and children, and so helped little Hana get back home, and faught off the men in their home, and stopped them before they hurt their mother. Soon after, he disappeared. The town tried to turn their lives back to normal, but all little Hana could think of was the man that had saved them. That pirate, the man who had seemed so exotic and brave. He seemed to be happy, and looked as though he must have had money. Hana dreamed of becoming a pirate, and when she spoke of this to her parents, they were horrified. When Hana refused to change her mind about the situation, her parents disowned her, but she decided that she would not go back to living a mediocre life. She changed her name to Asta, shedding her family name and ran off to join the first crew that would allow her.

Mother: Yuki Kochi
Father: Ryuu Kochi

Weapons: Sword, Pistol, and stilleto knife.

Powers: (if any) N/A

Strengths: Asta is very good with her weapons, being exceptional in sword fighting and shooting her pistol, even at long range. She also has the skill of navigation, on land and on water.

Weaknesses: She is partial to gambling, which can often get her in a lot of trouble, resulting in big fights, and losses of mass amounts of money. Similarly, she enjoys a drink or 5 on almost any occasion, getting herself and the crew in a lot of bother, as she is always too keen to start a fight.

Goals: Have as much fun as she can in life, and to get her parents to accept her back in to their lives.

Ambitions: None?

Likes: Fighting, gambling, men, booze, gun, swords, and hilarious petty theft.

Dislikes: Serious people, boring people, anyone that takes advantage of 'normal' people

Other notes: She really likes cake.
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PostSubject: Re: Asta (apparently this must be longer)   Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:30 pm

I love it (and lol the cake part)

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Asta (apparently this must be longer)
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