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 Species Template V2.0

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PostSubject: Species Template V2.0   Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:48 pm


Genders: (is it just male and female or is there more, or are they just one gender)

Age: (how old do they live to?)

Apperance: Humanoid, Beast, Undead, Lycan or other (Specify other) (picture are allowed)

Any alternate forms: (optional) (do they have different forms in which they look different, have diferent abilites)

Biological diffrences (Do they run off water, Or blood, Or mud. Do they not have a heart ect ect.)

History of Species:

Powers: (any special abilities they possess)

Strengths: (maximum three)


Drawbacks: (are there any drawbacks of being this species) (eg- A vampire is sensitive to the sun and can burn easy)

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Species Template V2.0
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