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 Chikari Ansatsusha

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PostSubject: Chikari Ansatsusha   Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:13 pm

Name: Chikari Ansatsusha

Age: 17

Birthday: 22nd October

Gender: Female

Species: Shapeshifter

Height: 5"6

Weight: 52 kgs

Appearance: (she has two appearences)

her other form is

Chikari is a bright, bubbly girl. She enjoys meeting people and making new friends along the way of her ife. She would do anything to protect her friends and would always keep there secrets. She is a trustworthy, reliable girl who wil try and help you out if you seem like your struggling.

Occupation: Student/ Bounty Hunter

History: When Chikari was little she was a nice child quiet and loveable. She loved her parents and looked forward to the time she got to spend with the two. It was a normal night, Her mother had tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead while her father kissed her cheek and made up a fairy tale of anceint shapeshifters. Chikari was to excited over the story to sleep, It was like something was sturring in her but she couldn't place it. That when Chikari heard it. A loud crash shook the house. Something inside Chikari stopped her from screaming, But she couldn't help her curiousty. She crept from her room and hid in her secret cubby hole, Two men came in and yelled for everything valuble when they got what they wanted the pair stabbed her parents. When they fell they were already dead and Chikari could see her mothers eyes open and distant. It was a day and a half Chikari stayed in her cubby until another man came and throughly searched her house, Finding Chikari he picked her up soothing her the whole way to the enormus school. 11 years later she stood in the corridors of the school she had just kicked a male in the privates for stealing from the normal kids, Right as the boy was about to use his secret ability on her a teacher came and broke it up, Her was in the special classes ones for shifters, Chikari smirked and whispered "Lucky the teacher ws here to save you" She turned and headed for her class. She had hated theives since her childhood for obvious resons, As she got to her class Chikari sat down noticing for the first time that the male she had kicked hobbled in, Shooting her a death glare. Chikari smiled happily at him ready if he tried anything after class. This was her life now, She was slowly, But surely learning to control her shifting and taking on anyone she caught breaking the rules

Relations: (all deceased)

Weapons: She can morph her hands into talons and her teeth into fangs.

Powers: Her shapeshifting abilities (she's still learning)

Her shapeshifting abilities are growing stronger every day
People are drawn to her and like to be around her

Her friends, she would do anything for them and people may use that to there advantage
She is gullable and believes almost anything people say

Goals: To try and Make as many friends as possible.

Likes: Shiny things, pretty objects, Gemstones, Helping people, making friends, animals and flowers

Dislikes: Criminals, mushrooms, blood, pain, suffering

Other notes: Chikari can shapeshift at will to her two forms, there the only two she knows how to change to but she went to the academy to learn how to perfect her art and change into other things.

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PostSubject: Re: Chikari Ansatsusha   Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:26 pm

*thumbs up* approved
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Chikari Ansatsusha
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