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 Jasper Tscari

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PostSubject: Jasper Tscari   Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:12 pm

Name: Jasper Tscari

Age: 15

Birthday: Jan 20th

Gender: Male

Species: Werepanther

Height: 6'4

Weight: 160lbs

Appearance: Normal form,

Personality: Jasper is a very shy and quiet boy, Until you mess with his friends then he becomes violent and angry. Often yelling and cursing quiet alot. He was raised to be respectful of his elders.

Occupation: Full time student

History: Jasper grew up with a normal childhood. He had many friends as he somehow always knew what to say. it was often said about him that he could talk his way out of anything. thus leading Jasper to almost never get introuble. Except for one day he went to school and a new kid came into his class. Jasper paid little attention to the kid until lunch period when the boy started to push around jaspers best friend. When jasper decided to help he was knocked on his ass. Suddenly he started trembling and shirted into a glorious white panther, The lunch room was alit with screams of terror as the now panther jasper ripping the bully's throat out and ran out of the school. when jasper regained consciencness he was naked with a floating girl above him, Quickly trying to cover up the girl spoke "Glad to see you'r okay, i brought a robe for you. we will pack up all your things for you all you need to do is go" Jasper was confused but the girl explained everything about what he was and where he was going. Scared jasper shook his head in disbelife, But agreed to go all the same. The next week he arived at his dorm.

Relations: Family on the other side of the world

Weapons: His paw's claw and teeth, Other various martial arts he leart while at his old town

Powers: Werepanther, Shapeshifter

Strengths: Enhanced sences, Enhanced strength while human.

Weaknesses: High pitched sounds effect him while he is a panther and a human, Anger can cause him to shift without warning.

Goals: To gain control over his powers.


Likes: Friends, Being in a crowd. Being a smartass, Sports.

Dislikes: Bullys, People who think they are better then him

Other notes: (anything else we should know)
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PostSubject: Re: Jasper Tscari   Sun Oct 02, 2011 5:19 pm

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Jasper Tscari
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