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 Me (my second character)

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PostSubject: Me (my second character)   Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:00 am

Name: ME

Age: 3

Birthday: April 22 (She doesn’t know it)

Gender: I guess I spoiled the surprise. Female

Species: Creeping Barnillus Flower

Height: 2’ 11”

Appearance: She is in her adult state which means that she has green arms and legs. She would look like a small child. She as bright pink hair and shiny blue eyes.

Personality: Some would describe her personality as carefree and bubbly.

Occupation: None

History: She shares the same life cycle as most other Creeping Barnillus Flowers. She was inside a plant for 10 mouths and hatched a some forest. In her 3 years of she has followed many creatures. Her favorite is humans. She has been around so many traveling humans that she even picked up some human speech.

Relations: None, Barnillus Flowers don’t know their parents and aren’t even aware that that is a problem.

Weapons: Herself if that counts

Powers: None

Strengths: Her defense mechanism of poisonous thorns and her ability to (sort of) speech.

Weaknesses: Nighttime and darkness.

Goals: N/A


Likes: Humans, butterflies, water,

Dislikes: Fire,
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PostSubject: Re: Me (my second character)   Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:44 pm

Approved (: *nods in approval*

If I'm going to hell I might as well bring a few enemies along for the ride
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Me (my second character)
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