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 The story that started it all...

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Rika B Omen

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PostSubject: The story that started it all...   Fri Sep 30, 2011 4:27 am

So now you know the basic storyline of the forum....actually, it is more like the idea that I came up with for this forum....but I did say that it wasn't a story you had to follow exactly...anyways...this is what Rika (aka me) was writing about:

Man seeks out power, untold, might power. Here, the only kind of power like that is people with telepathic abilities....which, by the way, is rare. Even so, you can only have one telepathic ability...except that one child is able to pocess all of them. Many years ago, a curse was placed on his family...well a curse to the family, the person who gave it to them gave it as a gift. Everyone feared them so much...that they tired to kill them off. Now Kaizo Katara (Katara is greek for "Curse") is the last living member. He was sent away to an academy for training to help him use his gift properly till one night, the Headmaster died and everyone pointed to Kaizo.

Now he is on the run and must clear his name before he ends up being killed...

Before you ask, no this is not another storyline....its more of a gulde line to what the forum is kinda about ^^
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The story that started it all...
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